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Based on the most successful action figure franchise in Kickstarter history comes the first chapter in the epic saga of “MYTHIC LEGIONS” created by FOUR HORSEMEN STUDIOS (Masters of the Universe, DC Universe Classics) and scripted by fan-favorite writer/producer GREG WEISMAN (Young Justice, Disney’s Gargoyles)!

Journey to MYTHOSS, a poisoned paradise in the midst of great upheaval and meet the factions that threaten to tear the world asunder through sword and sorcery! With darkness looming on the horizon, the elves and naturalists of XYLONA’S FLOCK begin to form alliances with other forces of good, gaining the military might of mankind with THE ARMY OF LEODYSSEUS. But forces of evil have already begun to stir, a plot carried out by the mercenary SONS OF THE RED STAR leave our heroes with more questions than answers, while the diabolical LEGION OF ARETHYR waste no time in summoning the first of the DARK FOUR to lead their legions of orcs, goblins and trolls!

If FANTASY is your passion, look no further than MYTHIC LEGIONS! This 48 page, prestige format half comic book/half art book boasts 22 pages of breathtaking fantasy, plus full bios of all characters & factions from the first Kickstarter campaign, as well as new background information about the Mythic Legions’ world and features exclusive behind the scenes studio design art and in progress sculpture from Four Horsemen Studios. Based on the property bible set forth by the Four Horsemen, this exciting story introduces the epic mythology behind Mythic Legions, setting the stage for tales of their rivalries, alliances and betrayals!

If that wasn’t enough, this book will be introducing a “MYTHIC LEGIONS: WAR” game that can be played using the existing Mythic Legions action figures, with some dice, playing cards and your imaginations.

Cover by Danny Cruz & Nate Baertsch. Interior art by Axel GimenezMarcelo FerreiraRobby BevardAndrew Dalhouse and Nate Baertsch. Produced by KRCOORDER NOW!

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